Sunday, February 27, 2011


The final book in The Hunger Games trilogy. I thought Collins stuck the landing, even though this was probably the least entertaining of the three books. I kept waiting for the books to somehow hedge their bets, become sentimental, become less brutal, but what I thought worked best about this was just how nightmarish and violent the final moments were; this was probably the most disturbing of the three. I also like how the characters that lived were essentially broken human beings; there was hope at the end but it was tempered by all that they had gone through, and the possibility that things were not going to get better. I know some people (I'm looking at you, Kelly) thought Katniss should have emerged more triumphant somehow, but I thought the way this book ended was perfect.

Bring on the terrible movie versions. (They might not be terrible but the chances are ...)

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