Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Best Posters of the Decade

10. A perfectly executed teaser poster that managed to signal a sea-change in the Bond franchise.

9. There were several versions of this poster that all used the hand in the water. A perfect image for the film and I love the graphic element that flows from the photograph.

8. Putting dots on top of a close-up image should not be this good, should it?

7. Sofia Coppola clearly cares about her poster art since all her films have good posters. This is my favorite.

6. This was the decade of the provocative movie poster (e.g the Saw franchise, Hostel). This is both a shocking image but also a complex one, implying some of the ideas in the film.

5. Great teaser poster for a not-so-great film.

4. The job of the movie poster is to make you want to see the movie. How can you not want to see this movie? Probably the most mimicked poster of the decade.

3. Sometimes all you need is one image.

2. Like Tarantino's movies, this poster is both familiar and new. All of the artwork for the Grindhouse experiment was great.

1. My vote for best poster of the decade.

runners up:

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