Friday, February 19, 2010

Three Junes (2003)

My mother lent me this book about a year ago. I kind of hate when people lend me books because I feel like I have a very good sense of what I like to read, with a large stack of unread books in my office, so I don't always welcome suggestions. Besides, I haven't read all of John D. MacDonald yet so why would I be wasting time with the latest sensitive contemporary novel. That said, I just finished Three Junes and mum was right, it was very, very good. It's a book that spans ten years and focuses on one family. Each section (the middle section is long and the first and third sections are pretty short--like a triptych) takes place in June, hence the title, and each explores the family relationships around Fenno McLeod, a gay bookstore owner in Brooklyn who hails from Scotland. It's extremely well-written, and moving, and I love the shifts in perspective that happen when a new section focuses on a new character. It's jarring but I think it works.

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  1. This isn't a proper comment, but you not liking when people lend you books reminded me of this old Onion article: