Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cyrus (2010)

So apparently this is what they call "mumblecore." I guess I'm not impressed. While there are some good actors involved in this, and some good acting, this movie is basically a slog. The plot is simple: a loser played by John C. Reilly starts dating a hottie played by Marisa Tomei who has a son, also a loser, played by Jonah Hill. The problem is that it's just not psychologically real enough to be interesting. So much of this movie rings false and contrived. So what we're left with is an unfunny, irritating comedy.

Also, I've just seen two movies in a row filmed on digital video. One was good and one was bad, but right now I really want to see some Hollywood glamor on good old-fashioned film stock. This film had to be one of the ugliest films I've ever seen. Ugly actors (not you, Marisa), ugly clothes, ugly sets, and constant, irritating hand-held zooms. I know that the ugliness is the point but it doesn't work when you notice it so much.

One more thing: when you put Cyrus into your search engine and look for images, a lot of half-naked pictures of someone named Miley comes up. Just sayin'.

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  1. good to know i can pass on this; i was very unimpressed by the previews.