Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dexter, Season 4

This season was a total doozy. A few highlights. John Lithgow going full-psycho as The Trinity Killer. The twist involving his family member. Jennifer Carpenter as Deb Morgan. She gets better and better every season. Courtney Ford as Christine (see picture above). At first it seemed she was an irrelevant sub-plot and an excuse for nudity but she turned out to be a fascinating character, and a really good performance. "Nothing is invevitable." The scene with the ten-year-old boy and the cement pit. Oh, and the very end. I knew it was coming (I watched this way late) but still it gave me chills.

You are almost enough to make me pay for Showtime, Dexter, but not quite.


  1. Okay, since I don't do well with gore and violence, this is probably not for me. Right?

  2. I wish I could lie and say, yes, go ahead and watch it, because I think you would like it. But no, it's violent, not exploitatively so, but it's about serial killers, so ....