Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Woody

In honor of Woody Allen's 75th birthday a special Film Frames Wednesday. Stills from ten of my favorite Woody Allen films. I know he has made a ton of mediocre pictures, but how many directors out there have made ten good films, including a few great ones. Happy 75th, Woody.

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  1. Hello Peter. Very nice selection. I missed Woody’s birthday and should have done a posting. He and I are roughly the same age. We were both brought up in New York City, but in different boroughs. I am sure we saw all the same movies. I feel at home in most of his films. Even in London, but not Barcelona. In later years, I used to walk by that rundown hotel in “Manhattan Murder Mystery” five days a week on my way to work. If I had to add one to your list it would be “Purple Rose.” But that is what makes our film web log world go around and I respect the favorites concept. Nice memories -- seeing the clips. Thanks and best. Gerald.