Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The TV Report

Another quality season from Fringe. I love the alternate universe, Anna Torv (hanging out with Bubbles here) gets better and better, and Walter Noble is one of the best characters on television.

This is the sitcom I most look forward to, week in and week out. I think the writers and actors are turning in one of the most creative and experimental seasons of any sitcom ever. Because of this, because of the risks they are willing to take on a weekly basis, some of the episodes are much stronger than others. So far this year, my favorite episode was the bittersweet birthday party for Troy's 21st.

Modern Family
 Starting to stretch itself a little thin but it's still funny.

Mildred Pierce
I'm about halfway through and I think it's pretty remarkable, especially Todd Hayne's unrelenting faithfulness to his source material and the incredible details of its time period. In some ways I think the miniseries actually challenges the way a viewer is supposed to watch TV or a movie. This is like reading a visual novel, and at times I feel myself distanced from the material but I haven't watched all of it yet.

Best show on television, and Margo Martindale should win an Emmy for her sociopathic, self-righteous Mags. I mean she better win an Emmy or else she'll get that hammer out, or give you a taste of her special Apple Pie Moonshine. That's Mags below, feeling contemplative.


  1. I enjoy MODERN FAMILY. One of the few laugh out loud shows.

  2. You're right "Justified" is so good.

    You're also right about "Modern Family"- when it hits, it hits, but I find myself laughing less these days.

    And, this is all subjective, personally "30 Rock" is still the king on Thursday, but, really, "Community", and frankly, "Parks and Recreation" are so great in their own right. (See last week's episode of "Parks and Rec") But, and obviously you don't need me agreeing with you here, but I will anyway, creatively no sitcom can touch "Community". My favorite so far this season, and there are a lot of good ones, but it has to be "Critical Film Studies".

    Someday I will catch up on "Fringe" and "Mildred Pierce".



  3. Feel the same way about Fringe (loves), Community, and MF. Haven't seen the others. I would add that Parks and Rec is pretty great, too. The Middle makes me laugh.

  4. I haven't seen any of these. Possibly because I don't have cable tv. But once they show up on Netflix, I'll take a look. FRINGE is the one that interests me most, I think. Although I'd love to see what all the fuss about MODERN FAMILY is about. :)