Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Disney goes back to what it does best: a fairytale with a plucky princess, a monster/mother, psychosexual undertones, and a score by Alan Menken. What's new in this one is some gorgeous CGI made to look painterly, and I guess 3D (I saw this at home). It's a very decent Disney film. Standouts are Mother Gothel, the villainous mother-figure, voiced by a brilliant Donna Murphy, and Maximus the horse, a charming sidekick character with a deep sense of soldierly justice. I like when the Disney animals are anthropomorphized but don't actually speak, which is the way it goes in Tangled. What's not great in this one is the character design of Rapunzel, whose eyes are quite literally saucer-sized, and while the music of Alan Menken is good it's impossible to not miss the lyrics of the departed Howard Ash. Also, personally, I think that the wrong character performs the hair-ectomy in the final act. You'll know what I mean if you see it.

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