Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Separate Tables (1958)

A film based on Terrence Rattigan's play of the same name, it's about the permanent residents of a Bournemouth hotel in the off-season. Loaded with big stars but none was better than David Niven as a sad old man living out his remaining days in a perpetual lie. I loved his storyline but was not particularly taken with the stuff involving Burt Lancaster and Rita Hayworth as an alcoholic writer and his on-again off-again wife. They were playing to the back row, as was Deborah Kerr as a smothered child-woman terrified of the world. Also starring Wendy Hiller and Rod Taylor.


  1. Seriously, is David Niven always awesome? He's so good. I bet he was even good in "Casino Royale".

  2. He was good in Casino Royale. He has a great scene talking about a rare black rose.