Monday, July 25, 2011

Poetry Monday (Shameless Plug Version)

Poetry Monday is all about me today. The Atlantic Summer Fiction Issue just came out and I have two poems in it, under the collective heading of Twin Bill. You can read them here. Or you can buy the very attractive paper version at a local newsstand.

The poems--"The Thirty-Nine Steps" and "The Birds"--are part of a series of 53 sonnets, one for each of Alfred Hitchcock's films. The collection is tentatively entitled Unsolved Pictures.

Here's one more for you:


The ghosts arrive each cocktail hour,
Drink gin as sheer as mist and stay past dawn.
Down seesaw streets they scatter
Just to burn away in California’s sun.

Some writer somewhere said the past
Is never dead. He was righter than the rain.
My mind is packed with uninvited guests.
The wind plays requiems for nuns.

But she will stay when all the rest have left,
When the whiskey’s gone, the windows shut
Against the morning air. She’ll be the last

To leave, in shadows of a sea-green dress.
She whispers when I sleep. Never dead,
Never dead. And never past, never past.

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  1. Just picked this up today, and flipped to the poetry first, as always. Very much appreciated, thank you.