Sunday, April 22, 2012

War Horse

A very nice film from Spielberg that follows a horse that survives World War I. It's predictably sentimental (too much so at times but this is Spielberg) and filmed in a throw-back style with painterly sequences and some over-the-top pink-lit skies but those parts I really liked. Even though they were old-fashioned they were beautiful to look at.

In order to enjoy this movie it's best to think of it as a children's film. It wasn't sold as that but the film is based on a children's book, and Spielberg takes pains to tone down some of the horrors of warfare (not all of them).

This is also John Williams' best score in a while, even though he ripped almost all of it off of Ralph Vaughan Williams (no relation that I know of) but who cares, rip off from the best I say.

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