Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Ice House

This 1997 BBC adaptation of Minette Walter's novel is very good. It just came out in a new DVD edition, and if you've just seen Skyfall and need some more Craig in your life, this is not a bad watch. Craig plays a detective investigating a recently discovered body that may or may not be the victim of a ten-year-old homicide. The case revolves around three women living together in a secluded country house, all three subject to vicious local gossip.

The subtext of the story is really misogyny, and how it has affected the three women. Craig's detective seems like just another one of the lads, an angry, alcoholic louse looking for revenge on the wife who has cheated on him, but he grows and alters through the three-hour series. His romance with one of the three women (Kitty Aldridge) is both sexy and romantic. It's no surprise that he is excellent, a future movie star, but I still would never have pegged him as a future Bond.

Well worth checking out, even though it's slightly clunky at times, and somehow seems dated even though it was made in 1997. Is that possible yet?

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