Monday, February 11, 2013

The Book Report

A little bit of snowstorm reading ...

I pulled this Travis McGee novel from my MacDonald shelf in my office just because I wanted to quickly read something I've read before. Lo and behold, it's a good possibility I'd never read this one. If I did read it, I was probably fifteen years old, but it didn't ring enough bells. It was a good one, with McGee avenging a friend's death, but through an economic con game instead of his typical means. The wounded bird of the novel, Puss Killian, turns out to be more of a girlfriend figure for McGee, and her fate is particularly heartbreaking but not in the way you'd think.

Less a murder mystery and more of a comforting novel about a widower returning to his home in Yorkshire, buying an old house, and trying to solve the decades-old mystery it contains. Slow-moving but in a good way.

This well-plotted novella plays on Rear Window and The Daughter of Time, as Lippman's detective Tess Monaghan solves a crime while on pregnancy bedrest. Funny and clever, and then quite touching.

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