Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lucky Jim Book Covers

Lucky Jim is my favorite novel. Not only that, but whenever I see a used version in a bookstore, I generally buy it, especially if it's a cover I don't have yet. One day, maybe, I'll have a whole shelf devoted to versions of Kingsley Amis's first novel. It would be a large shelf, since there are many, many versions of this never-out-of-print book.

Here are the ones I own:

There are a few others I have, that I couldn't find images for online. The classic, of course, and probably my favorite, is the one drawn by Edward Gorey, which he did for the first United States version. The top one, with the illustration by Arthur Robins, freaks me out a little since the illustrator did the drawings for What's Happening to Me, the book on puberty my parents gave me when I was, well, hitting puberty.

Here are some I don't own:

Man, what I would give for the Four Square Books version, with the pulpy girls fighting over a very dapper Jim Dixon. I'm sure I could find some of these versions on ebay, but it's more fun to find them in bookstores.

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