Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Last Seen Wearing (1952)

One of those novels that consistently ranks in any top 100 mysteries of all time list. It's long been a book that I've been meaning to check out, but I haven't been able to find a copy from any of the used books sites that I go to. So I resorted to the library, and was glad I did. This is a straight-up procedural, following the case of a missing college student from the points of view of the police force. Apparently, this was a first-of-its-kind, setting the stage for about a hundred Ed McBain novels, and about ten thousand Law and Order episodes.

What's nice, though, is how riveting this book is. It doesn't resort to tricks, or impossible murders, or quirky detectives. It just unfolds like an actual police investigation, the detectives getting closer and closer to the truth. It's dated, but in a good way, like a time capsule that shows you how college students lived in the early 1950s.

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