Sunday, November 28, 2010

No Place of Safety (1998}

A detective Charlie Peace mystery and for whatever reason, Robert Barnard's Peace mysteries are not as interesting to me as his standalone thrillers. Still, I'm not sure Robert Barnard has ever written a poor mystery. They are all well-plotted, tricky, and full of hard-to-read characters. I know that Idris Elba just finished doing Luther, a detective series for the BBC, but is too much to ask that they bring him back to play Peace for a new series.


  1. Hello Peter. I tried to watch “Luther,” but at the time I was watching the complete “The Wire” (for me the fourth or fifth time) with my wife who was watching it for the first time. I found it disconcerting in the same day going back and forth between Luther and Stringer Bell. Once a little time has elapsed, and now that the full season of “Luther” is on DVD and Netflix, I will retry as I am an admirer of Idris Elba (and have been in and around Brixton from time to time). Best. Gerald. Is Luther worth the watch?

  2. Luther is good, so long as you don't expect anything near the level of The Wire. It's well-made trashy entertainment with a very charismatic lead. It will get you nicely through some winter Sunday.