Thursday, November 4, 2010

The TV Report

Shows I am currently watching.

The Walking Dead
One episode in but I'll definitely stick with it. I think a zombie apocalypse will make for a great, long-running series, especially if it explores how society tries to rebuild itself. Oh, and if you were wondering how they would pull off a zombie show on television it is easily as violent as the most violent zombie film. Can't show breasts on television, or say the F word, but a little girl zombie getting her brains blown out, not a problem. I'm not complaining about the violence but about the double standard.

I love how this show keeps moving forward and revealing more about the alternative universe, especially now that every other episode takes place there. Anna Torv gets better as an actress every season. I like her alternative version with the red hair.

30 Rock
It hasn't been too memorable this season but I still look forward to it. The writing is generally very clever and very funny. Too bad this show isn't on cable and they could just do thirteen standout episodes.

An up and down season but the second episode (picture above with Rob Corddry) was excellent, and I really enjoyed last week's zombie episode. The cast is great, particularly the combination of Danny Pudi and Donald Glover playing Abed and Troy. I love their relationship and I love the little codas that they write for each episode.

Boardwalk Empire
It started slow but now it's cooking, getting better every week. The set-design, costumes, and cinematography alone make it worth watching but the characters are getting very interesting. Each week we learn a little more about each of them. And while this show has plenty of violence there is no double standard here. I haven't seen so much nudity on a TV show since I house-sat at a place that had late-night Cinemax.

Modern Family
The most consistently funny show on television. Great writing, great acting. I'm sure, like all tv shows, this one will drop off at some point, but it hasn't happened yet.


  1. Yep, I love all those, except for the cable shows, since I am too cheap to get cable. And I don't know if I could take the zombie show. Just the picture makes me cringe. I'm a big baby.

  2. I thought "The Walking Dead" was really good. Huzzah to more British actors getting good parts on U.S. tv shows.

    I agree on "Boardwalk Empire", I feel like it keeps getting better. And, on a sidenote, I hope they keep that sniper, Richard Harrow, around because I feel like he has the potential to be an amazing character.

    Comedy is subjective. Personally, I think "30 Rock" still consistently takes the comedy cake (of the shows you mentioned). What I still can't get past with "Modern Family" that keeps it from being even better is -get rid of the stupid documentary device, but that pales in comparison to the often clumsy shoehorning of some heartwarming family lesson at the end. This week with Phil was a bit better, but a lot of times, especially this season, its like the first 2/3 is really funny, then they just HAVE to impart some special lesson. Its not a dealbreaker, I'm just saying: we get it.