Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wait for the cream

I found these screencaps on film experience blog and the one above, in particular, made me laugh out loud. There are many things I love about Tarantino's movies but the thing I love most of all is his randomness. Why does this scene work? It does, but I can't exactly put it into words. It's an incredibly tense scene interrupted by the arrival of food (all of Tarantino's films fetishize food at some point with the possible exception of Jackie Brown). What makes this so good is that Landa, of course, is toying with Shoshana, even if he does not entirely know her identity.

Then there's the cutaway close-up to the actual strudel, and then--my favorite shot in the sequence--Shoshana taking a bite and acknowledging with her facial expression for a moment that it tastes good, even though she is sitting across from the man who murdered her entire family.

I know down deep that this won't win the Oscar on Sunday night but if it managed to actually do it then I'd be a very happy moviegoer.

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  1. We might just have to take solace in, at the very least, Christoph Waltz winning.