Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Ghostwriter (2010)

I read the book this film is based on, called The Ghost and written by Robert Harris. I even reviewed it (see here) and one of the nice things about the book was that it was so forgettable that seeing the movie two years later I'd forgotten most of the plot details. Maybe in a few years time I'll catch the film again on cable and it will be like seeing it for the first time.

Well, it is kind of a forgettable film, certainly not one of Polanski's best, but I still liked it. It's got swirling rain, and wintry colors, and Olivia Williams, one of my favorite actresses, who has a much bigger role than her position on the cast list would indicate. The basic plot involves a Tony Blairesque ex-prime minister, played well by Pierce Brosnan, who hires a ghost-writer (Ewan McGregor) to pen his autobiography when his previous ghostwriter mysteriously dies. It's paced well, slower than most contemporary thrillers, and it has genuine atmosphere, enough to cover up some of the hokey thriller cliches. All in all, a decent rainy afternoon film.

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