Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Deep Blue Goodbye

It was just confirmed that a filmed version of the first Travis McGee novel is in the works, with Leonard DiCaprio producing and playing Travis McGee, and Oliver Stone directing. I don't usually comment on film projects because it seems like a waste of time and energy. Why complain about a film that hasn't been made yet? On the flip side, why get over-excited about a film that hasn't been made yet? Opinions are for movies you've seen, books you've read. The rest is pissing in the wind.

That said, and there was clearly going to be a "that said" coming along, I am very attached to the Travis McGee character. John D. MacDonald is my favorite American writer and the Travis McGee series was his bread-and-butter. I am thrilled that DiCaprio is tackling the books as a producer but I think Oliver Stone is the wrong director. I actually think Oliver Stone is probably the wrong director for anything--I just haven't particularly liked his movies in a while, or maybe ever. (I remember Salvador being good). Also, DiCaprio is all wrong for Travis McGee, who is really a laconic, rangy type, like a young Clint Eastwood, circa Play Misty for Me. Maybe he'll be okay, but he just seems too boyish and too earnest for the role.

So here's my two cents, and it's really just a pipe-dream, but there is a perfect Travis McGee out there right now, a young Clint Eastwood: Timothy Olyphant, currently burning up the small screen on Justified. He'd be perfect, in my humble, premature opinion. Just sayin'.


  1. I remember reading somewhere that John D. said his choice for an actor to play Travis was Jack Lord—

    I think they made a Travis McGee film, actually,
    with Rod Taylor in the lead—

  2. "Darker than Amber," 1970, with Rod Taylor as Travis,

    and, as one of the villians (I presume), William Smith—

    Smith was Robert Parker's professed choice to play his tec Spencer‚

    so much trivia up there in my head


  3. Don't really know William Smith. But Rod Taylor ... what are the chances of the same actor playing Trav McGee and Winston Churchill?