Saturday, May 8, 2010

Moon (2009)

A great concept, and a pretty good movie. Sam Rockwell plays an astronaut who has been harvesting valuable rocks on the far side of the moon for three years, when he starts to have a breakdown, or so it seems. Rockwell is essentially the only character so he has to carry the movie, and he does a great job. The movie suffers a little bit from being almost too subtle at times. There are so many great ideas in the film that they could have been brought to the surface a little more.

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  1. I think that I might be the only one to think this movie was kind overrated. I think Duncan Jones does have a lot of good ideas here, and I like Sam Rockwell, and I think there is a lot of good potential here that just doesn't seem to add up for me in the end. That being said, I think that it shows so much potential, I actually can't wait to see what he does next.