Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Um. Just okay. It was enjoyable, it had some zippy dialogue, and there are some fine performances, particularly Steve Carell as a sad divorcee and Ryan Gosling as a slick womanizer. The problem was that so much of this film is just not believable, or just downright cringe-worthy, including a sequence where a middle-aged man interrupts his son's 8th grade graduation speech to talk about true love. These scenes need to be eradicated from American romantic comedy. No more declarations of love in public places.

Something about this film reminded me of an America version of Love Actually, a film I've seen far more times than I should have (it's on Charlene's xmas viewing list. It's a multi-generational love-fest that is fairly funny in scenes and at other times, absolutely terrible. Maybe nothing in this one is as bad as the guy with the big cue cards declaring his love to Keira Knightley but it gets awfully close.

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