Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ten Scariest Movie Posters

These are posters that actually give me the heebie-jeebies. They are not necessarily advertising good movies, and I have never actually seen A Tale of Two Sisters (although I should, I'm the only person who actually liked the poorly-received American remake The Uninvited). They are also not my favorite posters from horror films, in which case there would have been a lot more selections from the 1930s and 1940s; no, just posters that kind of freak me out.

Happy Halloween-week.

I like this so much better than the more famous Drew Struzan poster.

Just plain wrong.

Classic pulp poster, advertising an image that obviously never happens in the film.

Better known as Black Christmas.

I really should watch this.

It's the little bodies in the skull that get me.

No words necessary. An iconic image.

A poster that has creeped me out since I first saw it in middle school.

Where did they get that face? Is it in the film?

I prefer the original book cover but this has always made my stomach turn.

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  1. Isn't the original book cover of "Jaws" the same image? Oh wait, did you mean the hardcover one where the background is all black and the shark is coming up like a ghost? Yeah that is good.

    Sort-of interesting story about the artist behind the "Jaws" one too:

    Also, I must have looked at thet "Silence Of The Lambs" poster a bunch of times over the years but I never noticed the two bodies before. That IS creepy.