Sunday, October 30, 2011

The TV Report

Case Histories
Fairly shallow, compared to the excellent book series by Kate Atkinson, these Jackson Brodie mysteries on PBS are highly entertaining. The show catches Atkinson's strange mix of humor and bleakness, and Jason Isaacs is pretty smoldery as Brodie.

The Walking Dead
Sorry, but bleh. Here's the thing, though, I'll probably keep watching, just because I like watching zombies chase humans. The zombies aren't the problem; the humans are. Too earnest, too boring, and in the last episode, fairly despicable. Am I the only one who hated Rick and Laurie for the way they treated the veterinarian who was treating their son. Who knew there'd be obnoxious self-entitlement in the zombie apocalypse? Why can't we follow the cool family living in the farmhouse?

It's been pre-empted, of course, by The World Series, but I've enjoyed the season so far. I still love the alternate-universe characters, especially Faux-livia. I miss Peter Bishop but it's awesome that Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel, above) has had more screen time.

Pretty fun night-time soap opera. It's clunky at times, mostly when it focuses on the Hampton's rough-and-tumble characters, but it's getting better: lots of revenge and lots of plot twists. What's good about this show so far is that it lets things happen; it moves, although letting a certain character slip into a coma instead of dying was a lame bet-hedge.

Still awesome. The halloween episode was great, only topped by the previous rift-in-the-time-space-continuum episode. Troy and Abed are the best couple on television.

Plot-wise, this show is ridiculous, trotting out over-the-top (but often compelling) serial killers on a weekly basis, but Idris Elba makes it all watchable. He has more charisma in his walk than most actors have in their entire performances. Not enough Ruth Wilson in this series, however.


  1. Love Fringe. Love Lincoln.
    Love Community. Love Parks and Rec. Terra Nova is boring. That's about the only new show we've tried. Still waiting for Downtown Abbey to come back. Too bad we can't live closer, we could have a DA party!!
    Nice to know since you're posting that you have power up there, I know that storm is bad in the Berkshires.

  2. I can only recommend American Horror Story for it's absolute complete insanity. What can I say? I'm not proud but it's gotten me hooked.

    I have given up completely on "The Walking Dead" that show is just terrible. I might still hate-watch from time to time, but, my goodness did they not fix anything from last year. Something's not working if I am rooting for the zombies constantly. Although, this weekly recap, which is awesome, makes trying to watch almost ALMOST worthwhile, but not really. That show sucks.

    Oh, and I am glad you started watching "Luther". So good.

    Is this Fringe's last season? I feel like I need to wait until it's over and watch it later. I gave up on it early on but apparently it's been awesome, like you said.

    Love Community and Parks and Rec too.

    Top CHef's back on tonight!

    I haven't watched "Boardwalk Empire" in weeks but that's only because I went away and am behind now.

    What else? Oh, "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "The League", while not for everyone definitely, I think are really funny.

    Aaaaaand, I "30 Rock" can't come back fast enough in my opinion.