Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Decoy Bride

Drawn by an irrational attraction to romantic comedies set on the Western coast of Scotland I watched this On Demand last night. It stars the lovely Kelly MacDonald as the youngest inhabitant of the island of Hegg, which is suddenly inundated due to a celebrity wedding. MacDonald is picked to be the titular decoy bride, meets David Tennant, and, yeah, you know what happens.

There's a scene in this film when Tennant, a novelist marrying the world biggest movie star (English Alice Eve playing an American in an English film), stumbles into the cottage of an elderly deaf couple. They mistake him for a famous bagpiper (something to do with what he's wearing) and he fakes that he's playing their bagpipe while they dance together. This would undoubtedly be the worst scene in many a film. It was the best scene in this one.

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