Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Ten Favorite Romantic Films

For Valentine's Day, natch. Picking romantic films is kind of like talking about what makes you laugh--you can't really argue it. You just either feel it or you don't.

And just to clarify, these films contain my favorite romances, and are not necessarily my favorite romantic films. There's a slight difference. For example, I love Four Weddings and a Funeral, and it's a romantic comedy, but I don't really love the romance in it.

10. Casablanca
The true romance in this one is between Bogart and Claude Raines but the Ingrid Bergman sub-plot is none too shabby.

9. Witness
There need to be more sexy Amish films, I think.

8. Brief Encounter
The greatest kitchen-sink romance, and a truly sad film.

7. The Awful Truth
My vote for greatest re-marriage comedy from the golden age. Perfect chemistry between Cary Grant and Irene Dunne.

6. The Wings of the Dove
A doomed romance, and one of the bleakest sex scenes put on film. The anti-romance romance, and one of Helena Bonham Carter's great performances.

5. I Know Where I'm Going!
As much about falling in love with a place as a person.

4. The Sure Thing
Essentially a remake of number two on this list. My favorite Cusack romance. Yes, I know you prefer Say Anything.

3. Persuason
My favorite Austen, and my favorite Austen adaptation. Contains one of the great romantic moments, the letter slid across the table.

2. It Happened One Night
My favorite romantic comedy of all time. Colbert and Gable have unrivaled comedic and romantic chemistry.

1. Notorious
This flawless movie contains a fairly perverse romantic relationship. Cary Grant, unable to confess his love for Ingrid Bergman, sends her to seduce and marry a Nazi (the sympathetic Claude Rains). The kiss outside of the wine cellar is, to me, the pinnacle of screen romance.

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  1. Great list. My goodness some of (all of ) these couples are just outer limits. No argument here, Walter "Gib" Gibson and Lloyd Dobbler are two sides of the romantic coin that is John Cusack (?).