Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Criterion Top Ten

I don't harbor many illusions of one day being famous but if I did become famous, or well-known in some field or another, I think the best perk would be the possibility of being asked to do a Top Ten list for the Criterion Collection website.

I know it's a relatively small dream but small dreams have a better chance of coming true. And just in case, here's what I would pick. A fairly twee list, now that I look at it, pretty short on the big hitter foreign films. But I gotta be true to myself.

No pithy commentary. I'll save that for the real thing.

Mona Lisa


The Rules of the Game


The Lady Vanishes

I Know Where I'm Going!

The Third Man




  1. Hey you never know what'll happen after you publish those Hitchcock sonnets.

    One of your fans has one:

    And so did MCA (R.I.P.):