Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tiny Furniture

I guess I'm a Lena Dunham fan now. I really like her show on HBO, Girls, which, after just four episodes, seems to get better and better each week, and I really liked this movie, her debut feature, made for a paltry sum using her mother's apartment and her own family in the cast.

Putting aside stuff like Is she the voice of her generation and Who cares about an entitled post-grad who feels bad about herself and Why are there no black people in her shows and movies, the bottom line for me is that she's funny and the funniness seems to come from a real place. A rare thing. And she is very far from mumblecore despite, I think, sometimes being lumped in with it.

Anyway, count me in the Lena Dunham fan club for now. Maybe I'll leave it if she just keeps making the same movies again and again (it's a possibility). Also, are awkward/terrible sex scenes going to be her trademark the way post-coital conversations are Woody Allen's?

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