Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's a motif, Claire ...

In general, I'm not someone who enjoys watching bad movies or bad television for the sake of laughing at it, but I did watch the entire season of The Following, one of the worst TV series I've ever seen. Truth is, it started out okay. It was illogical and cliched, but it was also fast-paced and surprising. There were two or three major twists in the early episodes that I never saw coming. I had moral problems with the show (in one early episode an entire sorority house is slaughtered as a minor subplot), but it was watchable. Then something happened. It got much, much worse, and in some ways much, much better. It became the epic tale of the lamest, most disorganized serial killer cult in history going up against the worst FBI agents in the world, agents so inept that on good, regular days they only lose two or three of their agents, usually in their own offices by people they trust. 

I don't really think I'll watch Season 2 but I'll make a game time decision. Frankly, the finale for this year was very disappointing. I had completely counted on some crazy, out-of-left-field twist. Emma is the true leader. Claire is a cult member. What we got was just standard run-of-the-mill awful. Oh well.

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