Friday, May 3, 2013

The Americans

There's a nice article in The Atlantic about how restrained (and excellent) The Americans' final episode of the season was. I agree. Even though there are plot twists and action scenes in this show about Russian agents living as Americans in the Reagan era, the show has always been about character, plus the hard grim realities of espionage.

Still, there was nothing restrained in the absolute stunner of the scene where Granny (the genius actress Margo Martindale) got a little revenge on a CIA operative. A very good end to a very good show that maybe should have had ten episodes instead of thirteen. Oh, and one more thing for people who watch this show: Did it seem that Philip "marrying" Martha (the amazing Alison Wright) was the cruelest thing we'd seen done on this show? And we've seen some pretty cruel things.

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