Thursday, June 24, 2010

Toy Story 3 (2010)

Not surprisingly, another great entry into the Toy Story franchise, and another perfectly realized Pixar film. The old characters--Woody, Buzz, Jesse, Slinky Dog, etcetera--are all great, plus a whole new bunch of characters are introduced. My favorites: a plastic phone that's straight out of a 1950s police procedural, and a hedgehog (Mr. Prickly Pants) with classical training. There's a great escape sequence, natch, new creepy villains, and, of course, thematic subtext, in this case: death, and what does it mean to lose the ones we love the most.

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  1. We have yet to see this, but can't wait! Gary has been away this week so we are waiting until he gets back to see it as a family (minus jack the movie theater disruptor). Thinking about seeing it at the drive-in. So glad you enjoyed it. I've heard from a bunch of people who said it reminded them of the end of Lost. Don't know if that's true for me, as I haven't seen it yet.