Thursday, June 10, 2010

Under Capricorn (1949)

I wouldn't call this movie a failure, but it is fairly dull, definitely when you consider it a Hitchcock film. But it's not really a thriller, more of a melodrama that circles around a very strange couple in 19th century Australia. Joseph Cotton plays an ex-convict who has made good but has a sadistic streak, and Ingrid Bergman is his alcoholic wife. Hitchcock films it almost entirely in long shots of about five to eight minutes in length and certain scenes are mesmerizing to watch. The scene where Michael Wilding, who plays the governor's cousin, arrives for a dinner party at Joseph Cotton and Ingrid Bergman's house is complete brilliance. He moves from window to window peering into the house and learning its secrets.

Another thing: any scene with stage actress Margaret Leighton as Milly, the servant in love with her master, is amazing. She steals the show.

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