Friday, June 11, 2010

The Wolfman (2010)

Back when Universal first announced that it was planning on doing remakes of their great horror films, this was what I had in mind. Not The Mummy
(although I like those films for what they are) with its cheesy humor and kinetic action scenes, but an updated creaky, gothic horror film with slightly better effects. This is what The Wolfman is. It's slow moving at times (in a good way) with tons of storybook atmosphere: ominous moons, creepy moors, gothic mansions, London rooftops, and it's also a pure horror movie with nasty moments and a surprising amount of gooey gore.

It definitely has its problems, notably a very bloated last act, and some questionable CGI effects. Is it not possible to get a real bear for a movie? Or a real stag? I also wasn't nuts about Anthony Hopkins but these days I'm never that nuts about him. Benicio Del Toro was muted but decent, Emily Blunt proves she can act in anything, and Hugo Weaving is fun as a Scotland Yard detective on the case.

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