Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bullitt (1968)

I'd never seen this but watched it last night, a freebie on my On-Demand. Peter Yates, the director, died this week so his ghost must have made me select it. It's a cool film, almost too cool at times. Steve McQueen, as a cop trying to unravel what went wrong with his protection detail, is stoic and as icy blue as his eyes. The film is like him, never emotional, simply going about its business of being an incredibly well-filmed, impeccably detailed cop flick. I loved watching it, but didn't love it.

It's got a pretty decent car chase in it, if you haven't heard.


  1. Funny, I always thought the same about "Bullitt". I can see why Steve McQueen became an icon, and the car chase is also cool, but at the end of the day its sort of a standard procedural. But maybe it just seems that way in retrospect.

  2. I went to see this with my mom. Of course we loved it - Steve McQueen! Years later I did get a muscle car - green - just like this one.
    Steve McQueen! Brings back wonderful memories of going to the movies with my mom. Thanks!