Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Man of Affairs (1965)

Having just read a slightly sub-par MacDonald effort it was great to read this perfectly realized "business thriller." I don't really know what else to call it. No one commits a crime in the book, at least not legally. The basic plot is a 72-hour party in the Bahamas that is organized to grease the wheels on a corporate merger. Sam Glidden, the hero of the story, has to decide whether to sign a proxy saying he agrees to hand over control of the company he manages to unscrupulous raiders. In between the corporate wrangling (there isn't even that much, in fact MacDonald never specifically says what the company does) there are love affairs and drinking and fishing. It's perfectly done, and the moral line that is drawn is not too clear; there are pretty good arguments for Sam Glidden to sell out and live the American dream. Also of note: last chapter is one of the best and most romantic MacDonald has written.

Also of note: I was pretty pleased with the beautiful Dell 1st edition I was reading (see above) till I got a look at the very cool cover of the Fawcett Gold (see below). No reason I shouldn't own both of them, right?

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