Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Manxman (1929)

I feel like this film makes a nice book end with The Ring, another Hitchcock silent. Both star Carl Brisson, a strapping silent-era star, both involve love triangles, and both are set in very specific rule-oriented milieus. In The Ring it was boxing, and in The Manxman, it is the Isle of Man, with its strict customs. That said, I liked The Ring about ten times more than The Manxman, which is solidly made and fairly unoffensive but never rises above standard melodrama, either through its characterizations or through its filmmaking.

Anny Ondra played the lead female and except for being pretty there was nothing about her that made you think she deserved either of the two men fighting for her affections. I will say this: the end was fairly shocking, and not the outcome I was expecting at all.

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