Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Other Guys (2010)

I should probably stop going to see Will Ferrell movies in the theater. They almost always tire me out and I end up feeling ambivalent about the movie, then later, when the film shows up on HBO I start watching scenes and it grows on me. Just so long as I can watch in short bursts. This happened with Anchorman, with Blades of Glory, with Step Brothers. This will probably happen with The Other Guys. I liked it okay. Parts were funny, and many parts were more clever than funny. Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg had good chemistry as an overly cautious police accountant and a hot-blooded cop. I loved Michael Keaton as Gene, the good-natured Captain of the police station (plus a manager at Bed, Bath, and Beyond). None of it was great and for right now I think of it as the movie that got me into air conditioning for a Saturday afternoon.

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