Friday, February 25, 2011

Apropos of Nothing

The red-band trailer for Your Highness does not look funny.

The red-band trailer for Bad Teacher does.

Why do people still get excited for new Radiohead albums?

If the Red Sox stay healthy this year I think they'll win the AL East by ten games.

Now that the Coen Brothers have made a straight-up Western, I think they should make a straight-up horror flick.

I appreciate that Quentin Tarantino takes a long time between projects, and wants to make sure that every one of his film is a labor of love, but I wish he were a teensy bit more prolific.

Speaking of Tarantino, if I controlled the movie-universe, I would make him direct an adaption of John D. MacDonald's The Deep Blue Goodbye, set in 1964, with Timothy Olyphant as Travis McGee.

The new Decemberist's Album The King is Dead is the best album they've ever made.

Community is turning in one of the boldest seasons in sit-com history. Not every episode works but every episode takes huge chances.

I enjoyed The Hangover but I don't even want to watch the trailer for the sequel.

She's only been in two episodes so far but when Margo Martindale doesn't win an Emmy next year for her work in Justified it'll be pure robbery.

The Macallan 12 Year Old Fine Oak scotch is like heaven in a bottle (thank you, Charlene). It's been a long winter but you're helping, Macallan. You too, Charlene.


  1. The only thing "Your Highness" has going for it in my eyes is the fact that Damian Lewis is in it. I love him. A lot. It's like this:
    1. Gary
    2. my iPhone
    3. Damien Lewis
    4. My kids

  2. Although if I were to meet him in a dark alley #2 and #3 are negotiable.

  3. We also have a bottle of 12 year old Macallan. Stuff of the gods.

  4. Oh and I forget to mention why people get excited about new Radiohead albums: because Radiohead is amazing. I should ask why people get excited about new Decemberists albums.

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