Sunday, February 20, 2011


A good Saturday night flick about a runaway train and the men (and women) who try and stop it. Denzel Washington plays Frank Barnes, an aging railway man who decides to go after the runaway train himself. Sounds a little cheesy? Yeah, a little bit, but Denzel is just one of those movie stars that always raises the material that he stars in. He brings a ton of appeal and naturalness to every role he's in. Chris Pine is fine as the young buck who buddies up with Denzel, and Rosario Dawson is very good as a rail station manager.

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  1. Ah a fellow alumnus of Fordham University. I like to point that out whenever I see Denzel Washington. I haven't seen this yet, but I do sort of like the idea of an action movie built around a very specific career, here, what train engineers (!?) It reminds me when they used to do similar stuff in the eighties (such as bike messenging in "Quicksilver").