Thursday, September 15, 2011


Steven Soderbergh's virus-spreading thriller is a good example of trusting one's material. Despite it's all-star cast the film unfolds almost like a docudrama, detailing to the spread of a brand-new contagious disease. Needless to say: riveting. Or at least riveting for those of us who enjoy movies and books about deadly viruses.

The only misfire: Jude Law as an obnoxious immoral blogger trying to cash in. And why was he given an ugly prosthetic tooth? We all know he's Jude Law, handsome movie star. It was just distracting. Picture below.


  1. I couldn't agree more here. But let me add one more thing: Marion Cotillard: hottest epidemiologist ever?

  2. Yes, I enjoyed it as well, except that I kept wanting to puke through the first third of the movie. The next time I saw my friends (who saw the movie with us) I asked right away, "Did you wash your hands??!!"

    Jude's tooth was unnecessarily icky.