Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I hate the phrase "must watch" television but this episode of Louie, called Duckling, in which Louis C. K. travels to Afghanistan on a USO tour is as close to "must watch" as anything I've seen on television this year. It's the best episode yet of this amazing TV show. Louis C. K. is completely willing to shake up the conventions and the rhythms of television and in this storyline, credited to his daughter, he re-creates an experience he had entertaining troops in Afghanistan. It's both simple and  touching and portrays the lives of troops without excess or over-sentimentality (two elements that will be greatly on show as we lead up to the ten-year-anniversary of 9/11). Watch it if you can (you might have to suffer through the gross stand-up bit in the beginning about duck anuses).

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  1. My goodness. This show has been on fire this season, and this episode in particular was just next level amazingness. You make a great point too about viewing this episode not only as a great episode of television, but as a counterpoint to a lot of the programming lead-up to the 9/11 anniversary.