Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cry Hard, Cry Fast (1955)

An entire novel about one traffic accident, the people involved, the cops who arrive on the scene, the loss adjusters, the bystanders. It doesn't sound like enough for a book but it's more than enough, riveting actually, better than JDM's best-selling novel The Damned, which, similarly, was a portmanteau about a grounded ferry and the varying people waiting to cross the river. This book is less sensational, more real. There is a slight crime element but it's only one of many sub-plots.

I couldn't find an image of the actual paperback copy that I read, a Fawcett Gold Medal, but it was clear from the copywriters and the images that they really didn't want anyone to know that the book was about a car accident. The blurb on the cover reads "A ruthless collision of passions" and shows a couple in a torrid embrace. Similar to the cover below that promises "High-Speed Love." Guess they didn't think they could sell a book about a simple car accident.

A few years ago there was a BBC series called Collision which had the exact same premise as this book. I doubt the JDM estate got any money though.

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