Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Anna Karina

71 today. Model, actress, novelist, screenwriter, director. But really I'm just posting this as an excuse to post the video below from Bande a Part. I could watch this dance sequence (here it's set to a Nouvelle Vague song, not in the original movie) endless times. Coincidentally, this was the scene that Tarantino showed to John Travolta and Uma Thurman before filming their dance sequence in Pulp Fiction. They were nervous and so he wanted to show them that film dancing didn't necessarily have to be perfect. A Band Apart is also the name of Tarantino's production company. Enjoy.


  1. excellent movie blog... like the stills section
    regards john

  2. Good one Pete! And nice follow-up Kevin! I feel I want to do something too... but...