Friday, November 13, 2009

1999 - Ten Favorite Films

For the record I like Fight Club, a lot. I just don't like it more than these ten films.

Being John Malkovich
Quirky and haunting. Great direction from Spike Jonze. Great score by Carter Burwell.

Galaxy Quest
Enrico Colantoni was robbed of his Oscar, dammit!

Doug Liman's underrated follow-up to Swingers. (By the way, posting this just made me look up Liman's next film. Jumpers 2. Ouch.)

The Insider
My favorite Michael Mann film, just ahead of Manhunter. Russell Crowe at his absolute best.

The Iron Giant
One of the last great old-school animation films.

The Matrix
I forgive you for your bad sequels, first Matrix movie.

The Office Space
I was one of the seven people who saw this in the theater. Laughed then. Laugh now every other night when it's on TV.

The Sixth Sense
Even without the twist, this would still be a great spooky film. Toni Collette in the car makes me cry every time.

Sleepy Hollow
I know I'm the only person who even likes this movie, but I do. A lot. Beautiful Hammer-style sets. Lots of decapitations.

Three Kings
An action film. A comedy. Political commentary. A heist. Pretty great.


  1. What!? Fight Club definitely beats Sleepy Hollow, at the very least. Or Galaxy Quest! But a great year for cinema.

  2. At least you acknowledged that you are the only person that likes "Sleepy Hollow".

    Also, I liked the fact that you chose the picture of Donnie Wahlberg for "The Sixth Sense".

    1999 was really good year.