Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1968 - Ten Favorite Films

The year I was born. And an amazing year for movies. It's hard to imagine that you could see all these films on the big screen in one given year.

The Lion in the Winter
More theatrical than cinematic but I love the venomous dialog.

The Night of the Living Dead
Hard to imagine this came out the same year as The Odd Couple. Still terrifying.

The Odd Couple
For the Pigeon sisters scene alone.

Once Upon a Time in the West
My favorite Spaghetti Western of all time. One of the reasons is in the picture.

The Planet of the Apes
Spoiler alert in picture.

Rome and Juliet
Not one hundred percent successful by any means. But, for me, the best film version of one of the greatest stories in the English language.

Rosemary's Baby
If I could bring one horror film to my desert island, this is it. Never takes a mis-step.

The Swimmer
Burt Lancaster swims home via the neighborhood pools. More of a curiosity than a great film, and the John Cheever story it is based on is better, but it's still a lot of fun.

Even though it's on my top ten, I'm lukewarm on this film. Parts of it, however, are truly amazing.

Where Eagles Dare
Broadsword calling Danny Boy.


  1. I love "The Odd Couple."
    1968, hmmmm?

  2. 1968 WAS awesome. you summed up my thoughts on"2001" too. I too am sort of lukewarm on it-still makes my top ten of that year-but can't deny there are some amazing moments in there.