Thursday, November 5, 2009

2008 - Ten Favorite Films

Not really a stand-out year for movies. There's very little on this list that I think I'll be watching in twenty years.

Burn After Reading
Not one of the best Coen Brother's movies but I liked it.

I liked this movie a lot, even with the rickety horror-movie angles and theatrical acting. I thought about it for days afterward.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
This is now on HBO constantly and I keep watching it. It's become a comfort film in a way - I like every character.

Ghost Town
One of the best romantic comedies in years. A classic that no one saw.

In Bruges
Better on every viewing. Colin Farrell had the second-best performance of the year.

Let the Right One In
Winter. Sweden. Housing project. Child Vampires.

Quantum of Solace
I enjoyed this movie more than most but, thinking back, I hope the next Bond film has a little less angst in it.

Tell No One
For three-quarters of its running time this flirted with Hitchcock territory. Totally entertaining. Expect an American remake.

Another Pixar gem.

The Wrestler
Mickey wuz robbed of his Oscar.

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  1. Okay, out of the films you listed, I saw Ghost Town and Wall-e. LOVED Ghost Town. Thought Wall-e was pretty good. I really haven't seen many movies lately.