Saturday, November 7, 2009

Movie Posters I Love

A classic. My favorite Saul Bass poster. I love the two colors and the simplicity.

Perfect artwork for the movie, and I also love the layout. Plus, my favorite character -- cat -- gets principal placement.

I own this poster and never get tired of looking at it. I love the little curl of water underneath the title.

One of the worst critic quotes ever -- they hugged it? Other than that, I love how big and bold the title is.

My favorite Tarantino poster. I think this is the Spanish version, with the silhouetted girls in the background.

I might like this a little more than the Jaws poster. For one thing, the art goes all the way to the edge, and there is something about struggling to get to the surface of water that makes my palms go all sweaty.

Not sure they needed the little words coming out of the phone.

It's the solitary figure walking away from the couple that gets me. The typeset -- font? -- is good too.

A poster that actually scares me. It's the huddling teenagers, waiting outside the cabin to die. Poster is better than the film, unfortunately.

Perfect design, perfect execution. And it doesn't use images of its big stars.

Maybe I just like this because it's a Charles Addams' drawing. Bad tagline, but the funniest movie title ever.

Another weird tagline. Nine strange people? Really? But the art blows me away, especially the sun hitting the top of the mountains in the background and the stagecoach drivers.

Finally, a great tagline, and some of the most amazing art ever done for an adventure movie. The scene it depicts is nowhere near as exciting as this makes it look but still, looking at this poster makes me want to watch the movie all over again.

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  1. Speaking of Ben Gazzara:,35105/

    I don't know why, but I find it interesting that George C. Scott didn't get main billing with the rest of the bigger names on the "Anatomy of a Murder" poster.

    This actually has nothing to do with anything, because it is a cool poster, but when I see Maurice Chevalier's name, I always think of one my favorite lines from Annie Hall ""Boy, those guys in the French Resistance were really brave,you know? Got to listen to Maurice Chevalier sing so much."