Wednesday, November 25, 2009

1977 - Eight Favorite Films

1977 was a strangely crucial year for me. It was when I first started going to see non-kiddie movies in the theater. So, in the same year, I saw Pete's Dragon and Fun With Dick and Jane. I remember seeing Rollercoaster and Airport '77. Most importantly, I saw my first James Bond film in the theatre - The Spy Who Loved Me. I was alternately blown away and terrified by Jaws, the metal-mouthed assassin played by Richard Kiel.

Despite all this, I can only come up with eight favorite films from this year. I guess I need to watch more from 1977. I haven't seen Rolling Thunder, Cross of Iron, A Bridge Too Far, Three Women, Sorceror, to name a few.

Annie HallStill funny. Still touching. Charlene still says the joke about the curb whenever I do a bad job parking. And I always think of this movie when I'm forced to listen to someone's obnoxious comments in a public space.

Close Encounters of the Third KindExtraordinary things happening to ordinary people. Spielberg owned this genre in the late seventies, early eighties. Great movie.

The DeepDecent adventure film remembered primarily for Jacqueline Bisset's deep sea diving outfit (see picture). I like this even though it's not great.

High AnxietyFunny Mel Brooks parody-pastiche of Hitchcock films. I saw this in the theater and it scared me in places. But I was only 9.

JuliaHaven't seen this for years, but remember liking it a lot. Maybe it's terrible.

Saturday Night FeverI'm torn on this one. I love so much about it but it's so bleak. I didn't get to see this one in the theaters but my parents went and my mom told me all about it. Travolta, coming out this weekend in Old Dogs, is iconic in this.

The Spy Who Loved MeStill holds up. Great action. 1970s glamour. Last twenty minutes are pretty terrible but that's almost to be expected in most Bond films.

Star Wars I'll admit that Empire is better but I think I like Star Wars the most.

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