Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ten Best Movie Posters of the Year - 2009

10. I don't really like how the title is in the sign but everything else about this poster is really good.

9. It's just a beautifully designed Disney poster that captures traditional animation. I love the colors and it makes me want to see the movie.

8. I love that this poster is more homage than parody. I heard the film is as well, although I haven't seen it yet.

7. I have never seen a Tyler Perry movie but I think all of his posters are really good. I love how the wispy smoke leaves the frame of the poster.

6. Great image and great type.

5. I think this image makes the movie look more romantic than it actually is. But it is still a beautiful poster and I prefer this version to the one that is more of a close-up of their faces.

4. A mesmerizing image. Haven't seen this movie yet, either, although I think you can stream it through Netflix so maybe I'll check it out.

3. This is the French version of the poster. I like the American one as well but prefer this. Makes me want to see the film again.

2. Almost too disturbing. There were lots of different versions of Antichrist posters this year but I thought this was the winner.

1. A tie. Two versions of Precious, probably from the same design team. (See my worst posters of the year list for the newest version of a Precious poster.)

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