Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mexico Set (1984)

Len Deighton is my new favorite author. I picked up Berlin Game about a month back when I heard that the Game, Set, Match trilogy about cold war spy Bernard Samson might be Tarantino's next project. So now all I can do is picture this project. Michael Fassbender as Samson, Kate Winslet as Fiona, Michael Caine as Volkmann. Is this too much to ask?

Deighton's books--the two I've read so far--are witty exercises in which the dialog carries the entire story. What is said, and what is not said. There is little bloodshed in these books, and hardly any typical spy action, but they are thrilling and very, very funny.

Is there anything better than discovering a new author you love, especially an old author with a long list of books to his credit?

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